IUFRO Internation Conference Unit 1.01.07 “Beech Ecology and sylviculture” 2018

International Webinar “Conservation and restoration of forest and grassland ecosystems” (4th December 2020)

Link to the full recording

The speakers were (the timing of each speaker is reported, and can be accessed by the bar at the bottom of the video) :

Heather Keith, Griffith University (Australia), Carbon Stocks in old-growth forests and connected ecosystem services 00:01:24

Giuseppe Vendramin and Andrea Piotti, National Research Council (Italy). Genetics applied to tree species conservation 00:40:30

Donato Chiatante, Università degli Studi dell’Insubria (Italy). High-quality seedlings to improve forest resilience to global changes: from Pinus ponderosa forests in USA to the “Green Belt Project” in Mongolia 01:21:20

Valentin Klaus, ETH Zürich (Switzerland). Conservation and restoration of biodiversity in European grasslands 01:54:08

Zoltan Kun, Frankfurt Zoological Society / Wild Europe (Germany/UK). The current development of forest and biodiversity related policies, the role of science and NGOs 02:31:50

Michael Jungmeier, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences / Hanns Kirchmeir, ECO Institute of Ecology (Austria). Management of conservation areas, with focus on UNESCO sites 03:02:28

Stefano Ubertini, Rector – Università della Tuscia, Conclusions 03:43:32

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