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Di Fiore L, Brunetti M, Baliva M, Förster M, Heinrich I, Piovesan G, Di Filippo A (2022) Modelling Fagus sylvatica stem growth along a wide thermal gradient in Italy by incorporating dendroclimatic classification and land surface phenology metrics. International Journal of Biometeorology.

Di Filippo A, Baliva M, Brunetti M, Di Fiore L (2021) Long-Term Tree-Ring Response to Drought and Frost in Two Pinus halepensis Populations Growing under Contrasting Environmental Conditions in Peninsular Italy. Forests, 12(3): 305

Brienen et al. (2020) Forest carbon sink neutralized by pervasive growth-lifespan trade-offs. Nature Communications, 11: 4241

Piovesan G, Biondi F, Baliva M, Presutti Saba E, Calcagnile L, Quarta G, D’Elia M, De Vivo G, Schettino A, Di Filippo A (2018). The oldest dated tree of Europe lives in the wild Pollino massif: Italus, a strip‐bark Heldreich’s pine. Ecology, 99: 1682–1684.

Di Filippo A, Biondi F, Piovesan G, Ziaco E (2017). Tree ring-based metrics for assessing old-growth forest naturalness. Journal of Applied Ecology, 54: 737–749.

Di Filippo A, Pederson N, Baliva M, Brunetti M, Dinella A, Kitamura K, Knapp HD, Schirone B, Piovesan G (2015). The longevity of broadleaf deciduous trees in Northern Hemisphere temperate forests: insights from tree-ring series. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 3: 46.

Ziaco E, Biondi F, Di Filippo A, Piovesan G (2012). Biogeoclimatic influences on tree growth releases identified by the boundary line method in beech (Fagus sylvatica ) populations of southern Europe. Forest Ecology and Management, 286, 28-37.

Di Filippo A, Biondi F, Maugeri M, Schirone B, Piovesan G (2012). Bioclimate and growth history affect beech lifespan in the Italian Alps and Apennines. Global Change Biology, 18(3): 960-972.

Ziaco E, Di Filippo A, Alessandrini A, Baliva M, D’Andrea E, Piovesan G (2012). Old-growth attributes in a network of Apennines (Italy) beech forests: Disentangling the role of past human interferences and biogeoclimate. Plant Biosystems, 146:153-166.

Di Filippo A, Alessandrini A, Biondi F, Blasi S, Portoghesi L, Piovesan G (2010). Climate change and oak growth decline: Dendroecology and stand productivity of a Turkey oak (Quercus cerris) old stored coppice in Central Italy. Annals of Forest Science, 67:706-706.

Piovesan G, Biondi F, Di Filippo A, Alessandrini A, Maugeri M, 2008. Drought-driven growth reduction in Mediterranean mountain forests. Global Change Biology, 14: 1265-1281.

Di Filippo A, Biondi F, Cûfar K, de Luis M, Grabner M, Maugeri M, Presutti Saba E, Schirone B, Piovesan G, 2007. Bioclimatology of beech (Fagus sylvatica) in the Eastern Alps: spatial and altitudinal climatic signals identified through a tree-ring network. Journal of Biogeography, 34: 1873-1892.

Piovesan G, Di Filippo A, Alessandrini A, Biondi F, Schirone B, 2005. Structure, dynamics and dendroecology of an old-growth Fagus forest on the Apennines. Journal of Vegetation Science, 16: 13-28.

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