Natural and Old-Growth Fagus forests under global change: their unique role in climate mitigation and biodiversity conservation (IUFRO WORLD DAY, 28-29 Sep 2021)

A session organized by the IUFRO Unit 1.01.07 “Beech Ecology and Silviculture”:

Natural and old-growth beech forests are unique ecosystems in Europe and Asia, with relict forests in Central America. They cover a variety of environmental conditions in a wide range of northern latitudes, from low elevation to treelines, where they have adapted to different disturbance regimes and often host multi-century trees.

The event will showcase available research on the biological/ecological uniqueness of natural beech forests. Special emphasis will be given to their role in biodiversity conservation, their ability to store carbon and contribute to climate change mitigation, their dynamics in terms of climate change resilience.

Sub-session1 – Sep 28th (8:45 AM UTC)

Old-growth beech forests structure and attributes, with implications for the carbon cycle and biodiversity conservation” 

  • Introduction to the Meeting
  • Presentation of the activities of the IUFRO Research Unit 1.01.07
  • Parisa Panahi, National Botanical Garden of Iran (IR) “Beech Forests of the Hyrcanian region (Caspian Forests of Iran)
  • Michal Frankovič, Pavel Janda, Jakob Pavlin, Michal Synek, Daniel Kozák, Dheeraj Ralhan, Miroslav Svoboda, Czech University of Life Sciences (CZ) “Beech dominated Forests in central and southern Europe, disturbance regimes, longevity and mortality
  • Peter Meyer, Rouven Nagel, Eike Feldmann, Northwest German Forest Research Institute, (DE) “Biomass dynamics in naturally developing forests of northwestern Germany
  • Hanns Kirchmeier, E-C-O (AT) & Kris Vanderkerkhove, Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO) “Definition and ecosystem services of Old-growth beech forests: first inputs from the LIFE-project PROGNOSES”
  • Heather Keith, Griffith Climate Change Response Program (AU)Carbon stocks in primary forests and accounting for ecosystem services

Sub-session 2 – Sep 29th (10:00 AM UTC)

Beech forest dynamics under global change

  • Atsuhiro Iro, Shizuoka University (JP) “Small altitudinal variations in leaf photosynthetic characteristics of Fagus crenata on Naeba Mountain
  • Dario Martin Benito, CSIC-INIA (ES) “Disturbance and dynamics in Fagus sylvatica-Abies alba forests of contrasting management history in southwestern Europe
  • Keiko Kitamura, Atsushi Nakanishi, FFPRI, Hokkaido Research Centre (JP) “Recovery process of genetic diversity through seed and pollen immigration at the northernmost leading-edge population of Fagus crenata
  • Mirko Liesebach, Thünen-Institut für Forstgenetik (DE) “Assisted migration – a path to stable beech forests
  • Tom Nagel, Dušan Roženbergar, Jurij Diaci, University of Ljubljana (SI) “Long term dynamics of old-growth beech dominated remnants in Slovenia
  • Francisco Javier Cano, Ismael Aranda, CSIC-INIA (ES) “Beech physiology in the Mediterranean”
  • Martina Hobi, WSL Birmendsorf (CH) “Beech Dynamics in Swiss Forest Reserves and Ukrainian Primeval Forests

Participation is free after Registration.


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